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More than 2,200,000 Hotels & Accommodations ready to be purchased in Tether

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Book Accommodation with Tether

More than 2,200,000 Hotels & Accommodations ready to be purchased in Tether

13 Dec 2022
14 Dec 2022
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What is Tether (USDT)?

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Tether (USDT) is a blockchain-based cryptocurrency whose tokens in circulation are backed by an equivalent amount of U.S. dollars. This makes it a “stablecoin” with a price pegged to USD $1.00. Tether gives customers the ability to transact with traditional currencies across the blockchain, without the inherent volatility and complexity typically associated with a digital currency.

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Tether’s mission is to bring about a world where “whatever you can do with digital currencies, you can now do with digital cash”. They’re doing this by combining the best of both worlds so users get the joint benefits of open blockchain technology and traditional currency.


To learn more about the team, read Tether’s whitepaper.

J. L. van der Velde
J. L. van der Velde

A technologist and serial entrepreneur, has been the co-founder of a number of IT companies ranging from hardware design and development to software and has been at the center in the early development of a number of key technologies through his businesses. He has occupied senior management positions in a number of large private and public corporations in IT, distribution, and manufacturing.

Giancarlo Devasini
Giancarlo Devasini

Giancarlo Devasini began importing computer parts from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan for distribution throughout Europe in the early 90s. Over the years, Giancarlo began to identify various other niche opportunities in the industry, leading him to found Solo SpA in 1997. Solo was a pioneer in the DRAM market, creating a very successful business around sorting, rating and reselling factory “out of specs lots” from DRAM giants Micron Technology and Taiwan Semiconductor.

When Giancarlo accidentally discovered bitcoin in early 2012, he was transfixed and quickly realised that bitcoin is where his future lay. He soon became a partner in Bitfinex and was instrumental in establishing banking relationships, attracting key personnel and re-domiciling the exchange.

Stuart Hoegner
Stuart Hoegner

Stuart Hoegner is an international cryptocurrency lawyer & accountant based in Canada who represents leading entrepreneurs and businesses in dynamic market spaces. He has appeared as an expert on cryptocurrency issues before securities commissions and regulators, the Department of Finance, the Canadian Intellectual Property Office, and the Senate Standing Committee on Banking, Trade and Commerce. Hoegner is the editor of ‘The Law of Bitcoin’, the world’s first book on the law of cryptocurrencies. He had previously spent 8 years in the M&A Tax Group at Ernst & Young and obtained my law degree from the Faculty of Law at the University of Toronto.

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USDT Use Cases

use-plane.svgTravel Bookings

At, we offer more than 3,000,000 travel products in over 230 countries available for purchase with USDT. Plus, you’ll receive a 2% giveback in AVA,’s native cryptocurrency, on every accommodation booking.

More Use Cases

Generate Yield

Traders use USDT to hedge against crypto market volatility and to deploy capital in yield-generating DeFi protocols to earn additional income on their crypto holdings.

Utilize the US dollar

Investors and businesses without US dollar bank accounts use USDT wallets as a way to hold US dollars and perform international trade in digitised dollars.


Using fiat currencies to trade crypto isn’t efficient because it can take days to process funds through traditional banking methods and requires higher fees. Instead, many traders convert the cash you need for trading to USDT, and then use it to trade as many assets as you want with the stablecoin as your base currency. Most crypto traders sell their crypto positions for USDT rather than cash, so they can easily enter other trades.


There are numerous platforms that provide crypto loan services, allowing you to lend or borrow cryptocurrencies with an interest rate. Tether USD is often used for this purpose since the lender doesn’t have to worry about the volatile risk of the lending asset, mitigating the risk of potential losses stemming from a drop in asset value.

How to Pay with USDT

Visit and search for a hotel, home, flight, or other travel product by entering your destination and dates.

Select your desired choice from the available options.

Enter the required traveller details.

Select Crypto as your payment method, then select USDT.

Click Complete Reservation. In your USDT wallet, input the generated address by scanning the provided QR code or by copying the text. Ensure that the exact USDT amount is entered and send the payment.

Click Payment sent. Your transaction will be processed and you will receive a confirmation email once your voucher or e-ticket is available.

Buy, Sell and Trade USDT

Exchanges and partners where you can buy, sell and trade USDT:

Store USDT

Store your USDT securely with the following wallets:

Are you an exchange or wallet provider that supports USDT? Contact us to have your platform added to the lists above.


What Real-World Currencies does Tether support?

Tether supports US Dollars (USD), Euros (EUR), and the Chinese yuan (CNH). On the tether platform, these currencies are denoted by a ₮: USD₮, EUR₮, CNH₮.

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