What is Frontier (FRONT)?

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Frontier is a multi-chain, non-custodial DeFi wallet where you can buy, store, transact, swap, and invest in tokens and NFTs. Using your Frontier Wallet, you can easily earn passive income on your crypto by staking or supplying assets in DeFi apps. The Frontier Wallet offers a secure interface that lets users easily access a range of DeFi features with direct connectivity with dApps across chains.

Using Frontier, users can also track wallets, collect & manage NFTs and get push notifications on any transactions. Adding more chains and simplifying access to Web3, Frontier Wallet aims to make DeFi more accessible for the next billion users.

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Frontier Wallet’s mission is to make investing in crypto, DeFi & NFTs seamless and secure for everyone on every device, anywhere in the world.


Ravindra Kumar
Ravindra Kumar
CEO, Co-founder

Ravindra, formerly the CTO of InstaDApp and Woodstock, is a smart contract developer, Android developer, and computing polyglot. He is an early adopter of Ethereum development with rich technical knowledge of its core codebase, cryptography, and form verification. Ravindra has 9+ years of dev and worked on 50+ mobile applications, including Fueled.com, Care.com, and Cleartrip.com.

Vetrichelvan Jeyapalpandy
Vetrichelvan Jeyapalpandy
CTO, Co-founder

Vetrichelvan has 13 years of experience in software development and has an interest in exploring and learning new technologies. He has worked on various projects in marketplace and transportation and has a keen eye for design. He has been developing in the blockchain & DeFi space for 2+ years.

Palash Jain
Palash Jain
CMO, Co-founder

Palash oversees all aspects of Frontierʼs marketing, community, PR, and brand awareness. He has 3+ years of experience in the blockchain space and has worked with several projects on the marketing front, including IOST, BitMax, Matic, and Lambda.

Philip Arthur Moore
Philip Arthur Moore
COO, Head of Research & Development

Philip facilitates the growth of Frontier through integration and protocol discovery, QA, and industry research. He has 17+ years of experience in software development, founding start-ups, and team leadership at various companies, including Automattic, Inc. and WordPress.com.

Dhawal Shah
Dhawal Shah
CBDO, Head of Business Development

Dhawal establishes and executes Frontierʼs Business Development strategy that includes blockchains, protocols and wallets. He has 14+ years of experience in franchising, international business development, and investment banking.

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Frontier Wallet Use Cases


At Travala.com, we offer more than 3,000,000 travel products in over 230 countries available for purchase with FRONT. Plus, you’ll receive a 2% giveback in AVA, Travala.com’s native cryptocurrency, on every accommodation booking.

Travala.com’s intuitive booking experience is designed to be familiar and simple to navigate. Travellers simply choose their desired travel product(s), enter their details, and select from the variety of available payment options, including traditional credit and debit cards, BTC, and 90+ other cryptocurrencies.

Frontier Wallet

Frontier Wallet is a non-custodial wallet with multi-chain functionality, currently supporting 26+ chains. The wallet offers native access to opportunities like buying crypto, swapping tokens and staking across chains and, with its in-built bridging functionality, users can safely move assets to other chains using just one app. Get the app.

Gasless Transactions

$FRONT will subsidize gas fees on transactions made within the Frontier Suite of applications. Locking $FRONT in Frontier Vault will create eligibility for access to free and near-free transactions.

Frontier Incentivization Protocol

The suite of Frontier applications will contain a new incentivization layer in which users will gain eligibility for rewards in the form of $FRONT based on how much native app activity they perform.

Liquidity Provision

Frontier will use $FRONT to bootstrap liquidity for various decentralized protocols and platforms. Users will also be able to provide liquidity to pools using $FRONT and receive yield.

How to Pay with FRONT

Visit Travala.com and search for a hotel, home, flight, or other travel product by entering your destination and dates.

Select your desired choice from the available options.

Enter the required traveller details.

Select Crypto as your payment method, then select FRONT.

Click Complete Reservation. In your FRONT Wallet, input the generated address by scanning the provided QR code or by copying the text. Ensure that the exact FRONT amount is entered and send the payment.

Click Payment sent. Your transaction will be processed and you will receive a confirmation email once your voucher or e-ticket is available.

Buy, Sell and Trade FRONT

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How does Frontier work?

Frontier is a non-custodial wallet that enables users to have complete control over their funds and private keys. It natively integrates with crypto wallets, 200+ decentralized applications (dApps), and blockchain networks, which allows seamless interaction with web3 applications through a single central interface without having to switch between applications to interact with different assets or networks.

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