What is ARPA Chain (ARPA)?

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The ARPA Chain is a Layer-2 scaling solution built to operate as a privacy-preserving computation network. It can offer a dramatic increase to the transaction throughput of blockchain networks while maintaining high standards for data privacy and security through its Secure Multi-Party Computation (MPC).

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ARPA’s mission is a purely technical one: to develop efficient private smart contracts, privacy-preserving individual & enterprise data renting, and highly scalable infrastructure via computational sharding.


Yemu X
Yemu X

Yemu is co-founder of both the APRA Chain and DeFi project it’s based on, the Bella Protocol. He is also a founding partner of ZX Squared Capital and has appeared in Forbes Asia’s 30 Under 30. Amongst his other achievements, he served as Head of Growth for Boro and co-founded Build 312.

Felix Xu
Felix Xu
CEO and Co-Founder

Felix is the CEO and co-founder of both the Bella Protocol and the blockchain it is based on, APRA. Before this, Felix served as an investment analyst, later becoming an investor himself. In July of 2021, Felix co-founded the crypto hedge fund ZX Squared Capital.

Becca Li
Becca Li
Overseas Marketing Operations and PR

Becca graduated from Baylor University in December 2019, where she majored in marketing and management. From there, she took on a Counselling of Marketing Development internship at the Chinese Industrial Bank. In early 2020, she joined ARPA, serving in Overseas Marketing Operations and PR, a role she continues to hold to this day.

Guantong Su
Guantong Su
Cryptography Researcher

Guantong began his career as an architecture researcher for State Key Laboratory for Cryptology in 2015. He served in this role for 2 years before moving on to become an Algorithm Engineer for Deephi Tech. In mid 2018, he joined ARPA as their cryptography researcher, a role he has held for more than 4 years.

Ruiyang (Ivy) Zhou
Ruiyang (Ivy) Zhou
Global Operations & Marketing

Ivy began her career as a risk management intern at the Xinjiang Financial Investment Co. She later chose to specialise in Bitcoin Marketing specifically, undertaking another internship at Raven Rock Ventures. During this time, she was also a graduate assistant at the WVU John Chambers College of Business and Economics. During her degree, she took on a final internship at her university in the field of investment before taking on her first full-time career at Bella and APRA.

To learn more about the team, read ARPA Chain’s whitepaper.

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ARPA Use Cases


At Travala.com, we offer more than 3,000,000 travel products in over 230 countries available for purchase with BTC. Plus, you’ll receive a 2% giveback in AVA, Travala.com’s native cryptocurrency, on every accommodation booking.

Travala.com’s intuitive booking experience is designed to be familiar and simple to navigate. Travellers simply choose their desired travel product(s), enter their details, and select from the variety of available payment options, including traditional credit and debit cards, BTC, and 90+ other cryptocurrencies.

Data Wallet

Users manage all of their personal sensitive data, define their own data policies and authorise to service providers in encrypted form what they’re comfortable with their data being used for.

Secure Monetization

Users can 'rent out' data to advertisers for product preference analysis. This not only reduces the risk of personal data leakage, it compensates users in the process.

Credit Anti-fraud

Financial institutions can search shared blacklists or perform joint risk analysis for borrowers without disclosing each party's private information.

How to Pay with ARPA

Visit Travala.com and search for a hotel, home, flight, or other travel product by entering your destination and dates.

Select your desired choice from the available options.

Enter the required traveller details.

Select Crypto as your payment method, then select ARPA.

Click Complete Reservation. In your ARPA Wallet, input the generated address by scanning the provided QR code or by copying the text. Ensure that the exact ARPA amount is entered and send the payment.

Click Payment sent. Your transaction will be processed and you will receive a confirmation email once your voucher or e-ticket is available.

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Store your ARPA securely with the following wallets:

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Which Blockchain Network hosts ARPA?

ARPA is hosted on Ethereum with a maximum supply of 2,000,000,000 tokens.

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