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More than 2,200,000 Hotels & Accommodations ready to be purchased in VeChain

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  • What is VeChain?

Book Accommodation with VeChain

More than 2,200,000 Hotels & Accommodations ready to be purchased in VeChain

28 May 2022 - 29 May 2022
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What is VeChain?

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Launched in 2015, the VeChain Foundation has worked tirelessly to build the bridges between blockchain technology and the real world. VeChainThor’s evolution continues to gather pace, transitioning from consortium network to best-in-class public blockchain platform using Proof of Authority consensus, boasting advanced technical features, governance structure and economic model.

VeChainThor has already been applied across a diverse array of use cases, aiding the daily operations of corporations and creating new value and efficiencies. Alongside key strategic partners PwC and DNV, VeChain has collaborated with world-leading enterprises including Walmart China, Bayer China, BMW Group, BYD Auto, PICC, Shanghai Gas, LVMH, D.I.G, ASI Group and more.

For more information, including developer tools/documents and foundation grants, please visit:

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As the ecosystem enabler, the Foundation’s mission is to empower builders and innovators by developing tools that systematically eliminate adoption hurdles. Through the development of VeChain ToolChain™️ product and a suite of innovative tools such as multi-task transaction and fee delegation, VeChain has been able to substantially lower the barriers to entry for businesses and developers alike.


VeChain operates internationally with offices in China, Singapore, Luxembourg, Japan, France, Italy and the United States. Headed by CEO Sunny Lu, Louis Vuitton China, VeChain strives to ensure the long-term success of blockchain adoption and has been sustaining a top-of-the-line team composed of e-level members from world-leading big names (such as LVMH, PwC, TCL, etc).

Sunny Lu
Co-Founder & CEO

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VeChain Use Cases

Walmart China

Walmart China’s food traceability platform realizes Suppliers Management and Food Safety in China. Besides providing traceability information directly to consumers, this platform is also used for supplier qualification management on a real time basis with data monitoring with full coverage samples. Millions of dollars can be saved for qualifying suppliers in a more efficient manner just in China.


VeChain and DNV initiated an open digital carbon ecosystem to record and track carbon footprint which motivates multiple parties by real value to contribute by engaging in activities that reduce carbon emission, setting a leading example of combining digital economy and the real economy. The IoT and blockchain technologies make the carbon emission reduction activities measurable and certified with a universal standard by the third-party authority, which makes the ecosystem scalable, borderless and sustainable.


How to Pay with VET

Visit and search for a hotel, home, flight, or other travel product by entering your destination and dates.

Select your desired choice from the available options.

Enter the required traveller details.

Select Crypto as your payment method, then select VET. Note: if paying with VET from your wallet, select My Wallet, then select VET Balance.

Click Complete Reservation. In your VET wallet, input the generated address and memo by scanning the provided QR codes or by copying the text. Ensure that the exact VET amount is entered and send the payment.

Click Payment sent. Your transaction will be processed and you will receive a confirmation email once your voucher or e-ticket is available.


What makes VeChain unique

Firstly, PoA makes VeChain different from other blockchain, which is a consensus algorithm that demands nodes to be authorized in order to participate in the blockchain consensus. It's balanced between security and energy consumption.

Our unique two-token model to ensure we could provide predictable transaction costs for users of the VeChainThor blockchain. (Reference: whitepaper on

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