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What we look for

What we look for

When it comes to partnerships, we look for real win-wins by measuring the value of an opportunity and the mutual benefits that result from the partnership. We expect our partnerships will result in a positive ROI not just for ourselves, but for our partners, too.

We believe that all successful partnerships are based on data, not emotion. We thoroughly consider the time commitments and financial costs associated with all of our partnerships, both before and during the course of the relationship.

In line with our current position in our company roadmap, our primary objectives are to onboard new users and increase our revenue.

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Coin Listing Barrier to Entry — Medium

Looking to unlock over 3,000,000 new use cases for your coin or token? Visit our Coin Listing Page to apply for your coin or token to be listed as a payment method on our website.

Case Study: Cardano cardano.svg

Our partnership with EMURGO, the founding entity of the Cardano protocol, was entered into to further Cardano’s mission to bring about positive global change and drive the real-world adoption of Cardano’s native cryptocurrency, ADA.

The partnership was announced on Yahoo Finance. Within 48 hours of the announcement, the price of ADA, which ranks as a top 10 cryptocurrency by market cap, surged almost 15%.


Sponsorships Barrier to Entry — Medium

Our brand has a strong, established reputation within the crypto community, and our relationships with mainstream brands — including Expedia, and Agoda — add enormous collateral value to businesses that we partner with. The product is exciting and in-demand, our business model is proven, and our active user base is well into the hundreds of thousands.

We welcome discussions about sponsorship opportunities with brands that align with our values and can reciprocate the value that we provide. Consideration will be given to the brand’s audience size, reputation, and its influence in reaching our roadmap goals.

For all sponsorships, please Contact Us.

Case Study: ReadyRaider World of Warcraft Tournament

We introduced ourselves to the booming esports space by sponsoring a World of Warcraft Tournament hosted by ReadyRaider, an esports tournament event-hosting platform, which proved to be successful for both sides. As part of the sponsorship, we offered:

check.svgA percentage of Travel Credits for streamers who sent traffic to, as well as the opportunity for streamers to become an affiliate and earn further commissions

check.svgA prize pool of Travel Credits, which was broken up into prizes for tournament contestants

check.svgAn exclusive code to double the signup reward for members of the ReadyRaider platform

The sponsorship resulted in:

check.svgOver 2 million hours of branded content was generated in streams

Premium Partner Barrier to Entry — High

Premium partners are partners who go above and beyond a standard partnership. Premium partners generally provide extraordinary value in some manner that help us reach our goals in terms of market presence, user acquisition, revenue generation, service value-add, or any other goal that we’re currently working towards.

If you’re looking to join forces with us as a premium partner, we’d love to chat! Please Contact Us to arrange a call with our management team.

Case Study: Binance binance.svg

Binance is currently our sole premium partner. As a premium partner, Binance assists us in a number of ways that generates enormous value for, our goals, and our customers.

For example, Binance assists us in marketing our platform to over 16 million Binance users, makes key resources available to us, and provides our payment gateway at zero cost via the Binance Pay service.


Influencer Partner Barrier to Entry — Medium

The importance of influencers in today’s age cannot be overstated. We recognise the instrumental role that influencers play in generating marketing value, and we’d rather reward you as an influencer directly than through a third party that takes a chunk out of your commissions.

Our influencer partners share in a bounty reserved specifically for influencers on a monthly basis. The better your results, the bigger your share of the bounty!

Ready to become a influencer? Apply Now.


Travel Inventory Partner Barrier to Entry — High

We’re always exploring ways to expand our travel product selection and offer our customers exciting new travel options. Our platform currently comprises hotels, homes, flights, and activities, and we’re working towards incorporating even more travel product categories.

If you’re a travel inventory supplier seeking to tap into the trillion-dollar crypto industry in an easy, risk-free manner, simply Contact Us!

Case study: Expedia expedia.svg

Expedia began accepting bitcoin payments as early as 2014, though the payment option was discontinued in 2018. This left many early cryptocurrency adopters without a travel company that accepted cryptocurrency.

When we partnered with Expedia in mid-2020, Expedia’s 700,000+ accommodation options were once again bookable with cryptocurrency, this time on As a result of the partnership, ranked as one of the largest resellers of Expedia inventory in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Personal Travel Managers for Crypto Whales Barrier to Entry — Medium

Are you a bona fide crypto whale ready to explore the world with your cryptocurrency gains? Then look no further! We provide a tailored travel service for high-net-worth individuals, complete with a personal travel manager who will look after your bookings every step of the way.

To enquire about this service, please Contact Us.


Corporate Travel Partner Barrier to Entry — Low

Up the travel game of your business with our Corporate Travel Platform! Easily manage the movements of your team with a corporate account that offers exclusive rates, dedicated 24/7 support, and the ability to track and make changes to your entire team’s bookings.

To register as a corporate travel partner, please Contact Us.


Affiliate Partner Barrier to Entry — Low

Our Affiliate Program is a great way to earn passive income on your blog, website, videos, or any other channel. We create a unique link for you and provide you with our latest display ads which you can share with your audience, enabling you to earn a 5% commission on any bookings made via your link.

Becoming a affiliate is an excellent first stepping stone if you’re wanting to grow your relationship with us and work your way up to other types of partnerships. Best of all, it’s free and available to anyone!

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Travel Guest Poster Barrier to Entry — Low

Are you a writer with a knack for delivering high-quality content and a passion for all things travel? We regularly feature guest posts on our blog that provide our users with valuable insights into various travel topics.

Take a look at the Blog for an idea of the type of content that we post, the voice we use, and the quality that we expect.

If you’d like us to feature your article, please Submit Your Guest Post.