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Organic Media

We receive plenty of organic attention from mainstream media journals, leading crypto media journals, and the most prominent voices in the crypto space.

Travel Partners

We’ve partnered with some of the biggest names in travel, including household travel names like Expedia,, and Tripadvisor company Viator to provide our customers with over 3 million travel products across 230+ countries and territories.

Blockchain Partners

We have a strong partnership with the world’s leading blockchain ecosystem, Binance. We’ve also partnered with 60+ token projects, enabling each token to be used as a payment option for bookings.


Crypto influencers are talking about to bring attention and credibility to their channels. With our recent success, we’re excited to give the influencer community an opportunity to book our team for interviews and podcasts.

The world is taking notice and the people in crypto with the loudest voices see what we do.Juan Otero
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Who Talks About Us

Some of our most exciting mentions come from mainstream media such as:

mainstream media
mainstream media
mainstream media
mainstream media
mainstream media
mainstream media

Active Community

Along with some of the largest crypto media sources out there, like:

crypto media
crypto media
crypto media
crypto media
crypto media
crypto media

CZ Binance

CEO of Binance and large shareholder in

Total followers: 3.19M

Amanda Cerny

American Internet personality, actress, and model

Total followers: 47.37M

Ellio Trades

Co-Founder of SuperFarm & Popular Crypto Youtuber

Total followers: 593K

Marie & Jake

(@mariefeandjakesnow) Travel Couple

Total followers: 1.67M

Justin Sun

Founder of Tron, featured in Forbes Asia 30 Under 30

Total followers: 9.01M

David Gokhshtein

Founder of Gokhshtein Media, CEO of PAC Coin, Forbes Financial Council

Total followers: 483.6K

The Crypto Dog

Blockchain #DeFi investor & market commentator

Total followers: 576.3K

Scott Melker (The Wolf Of All Streets)

Crypto Trader + Investor, host of The WOAS Podcast, and author of The Wolf Den Newsletter

Total followers: 689.6K
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Juan Otero

Co-Founder & CEO

With a wealth of experience in some of the largest tech companies in the world including Oracle and, Juan is responsible for overseeing and driving all operations, business activities, and resources and for ensuring that all corporate decisions align with the overall strategy and mission. Topics Juan likes to talk about include innovation, growing companies, and all things travel and crypto.


Drew Currah

Financial Advisor

CFA charter holder with experience working for the De Beers Group and Christopher Guy in financial strategy, Drew has responsibility for advising on the financial operations of Topics Drew likes to talk about include tokenomics, blockchain, and financial innovation.


Sam Woollard

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

A veteran of the travel tech space with over 20 years’ experience within the hotel, airline, destination and OTA verticals, Sam has joined the team to lead the company’s marketing strategy and spearhead our next growth phase.

Book Our Personalities

  • We're more than happy to be involved in your videos (YouTube interviews, podcasts, etc) if the appearance is mutually beneficial.
  • Have an established platform with a strong following? Let's talk!
  • Just starting out and want us to help you grow? No worries! For up-and-coming content creators, we charge an average fee of US$1856.40 to book one of our top-level personalities.
  • The personality who will attend the interview will be dependent upon availability and the subject being discussed.

Want to work with us?


Media Kit


Affiliate Partner Program

Sign up for our Affiliate Partner Program and earn a 5% commission. With signing up, you will be given access to a personal link and creative assets to use on your social channels.

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Invite Program

For every person you invite that completes a booking of CA$260 or more you will both receive $25 USD worth of AVA rewards to your wallet after the invitee completes the stay at the property.

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How to Get Involved

  • We encourage anyone to be creative and post unique content talking about You do not need our permission to post, and we love to engage organically with our community online and support you in any way we can.

What We Look For

  • We look for great communication skills, professionalism, respect, honesty, and aligned values when we decide to work with someone new. We strive for long-term relationships where we can continue bringing value to one another. In order to achieve this, communication is key.
  • The value you are able to bring to us
  • Honest expectations of what we can expect from you, and what you expect from us
  • The results we can expect to see, as accurate as possible, with example material and statistics
  • Timelines, ensuring we are both on the same page. If you need to delay, let us know as soon as possible, and a proper explanation of why
  • Your satisfaction through the relationship, and we will communicate ours, to ensure we are both happy at the end of the day

What to Avoid

  • Like any brand doing collaborations, we have had our fair share of negative experiences. We like to highlight these to set our standards of excellence and ensure we are on the right path to success with our new partners.
  • Set unrealistic expectations for results
  • Stop communicating properly after you received compensation
  • Fail to inform us of any particular ‘rules’ you feel you must follow
  • Fail to post on the planned date and time
  • Be disrespectful or offended with negotiations. This is a business, and we are both looking to succeed
  • Provide inadequate photos or videos, when promising high-quality content
  • Waste our time (time=money) with ridiculous wants and needs. We get a lot of requests and have to be strategic and realistic about the ones we pursue
  • Give financial advice with respect to the AVA token

How talking about will help you

  • Up-and-coming YouTube stars, Twitter influencers, Instagram influencers, and trendy TikTok fans love to post about We encourage you to join them on the road to success. In our Media Kit, you will find our logos that you can add to your videos. There is no need to tell us when you are posting or how — we will see it and support you in any way we can.
  • We love to help new creators get the start and push they need to make it to the next level and receive the credit and legitimacy they are searching for. We have a very dedicated fan base that will get behind the people, companies, and projects we post about. Post about and see how we can help!

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