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Proposal #3 - AVA 2.0 Proposal
PassedPosted July 4th, 2023
The AVA 2.0 Proposal seeks the community’s approval for a change in AVA’s ecosystem mechanics, which will enable the AVA ecosystem to be revitalised with progressive decentralisation, new use cases, an improved Smart Program, and more.
Proposal #2.1 Brand Refresh Feedback
PassedPosted August 1st, 2022
Our first brand refresh community feedback vote is here, and we’re beyond excited to hear your thoughts! We’re seeking the community’s feedback on 2 brand directions as part of the wider brand refresh project with the agency we’re working with, Ragged Edge, to influence the future style of as we continue our extraordinary growth phase.
Proposal #2 - Brand Refresh Proposal
PassedPosted April 22nd, 2022
This proposal seeks US$200,000 from the Community Pool to execute a comprehensive brand refresh for The project aims to assist to continue its phenomenal growth in terms of booking volume, customer acquisition and member rewards.
Proposal #1 - Develop and launch Travel NFTs
PassedPosted September 10th, 2021
This proposal would give a $150,000 grant to a firm to co-produce an NFT strategy paper, technical specifications, UI/UX mockups and develop an NFT program alongside core team members. The budget has been chosen based on a 12 month retainer model with an already identified service provider. Token Battle: FLOKI vs SHIB
PassedPosted December 2nd, 2021
battle coinFLOKIVSbattle coinSHIB
The token with the most votes after 72 hours will win a listing on that can then be used to book over 3 million travel products worldwide.
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How does the Community Vote work?
Notifying Voters: when a new proposal is raised, will make an announcement via email to notify eligible voters.
Voting: Smart Members can vote in favour of or against proposals directly from the voting area on
Successful Proposals: if the majority of the community votes in favour of the proposal and the required voting threshold has been achieved, then the proposal will be successful. The proposal will be queued to launch and executed accordingly.
Failed Proposals: if the majority of the community votes against a proposal, the proposal will fail and will not progress further.
How to vote on Proposals?

To be eligible to vote on proposals, the user must be an active Smart Member.

Votes are allocated in proportion to the Smart Member’s applicable Smart Level, with Smart Basic members receiving 50 votes and Smart Diamond members receiving 5,000 votes.

Smart LevelAmountVoting Weight
Basic Lock 50 AVA50 Votes
Steel Lock 250 AVA275 Votes
Bronze Lock 500 AVA600 Votes
Silver Lock 1,250 AVA1,625 Votes
Gold Lock 2,000 AVA2,800 Votes
Platinum Lock 2,500 AVA5,000 Votes
Diamond Lock 2,500 AVA + NFT5,000 Votes
What is the validity of each vote?
Only users who are active Smart Members on can cast a valid vote. Votes are valid until the proposal becomes inactive.