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Travala.com Integrates MiniApp with Gate.io

Travala.com, the world’s leading cryptocurrency-friendly online travel booking platform, today became the first project to launch on the Gate.io MiniApp, a recently released third-party...
1 min read

Travala.com Monthly Report: July 2022

Travala.com Monthly Report: July 2022 +48% YoY Growth with Monthly Revenues in Excess of $4M Below is our monthly report for July 2022 Total...
3 min read

Sights, Stupas and Safaris: My Sublime Sri Lankan Experience

Colombo The Capital Connection — 1 October Stepping out of the air-conditioned terminal of Colombo Airport and out into the welcoming mid-autumn air of...
10 min read

Tanzania Was the Dream Holiday I Didn’t Know I Needed

Our trip began on Qatar airlines with, in my opinion, some well-deserved drinks. The week had been long and I was excited to see...
7 min read

From Buffalo to Bordeaux: Why Africa is the Newest Luxury Holiday Destination

It was a familiar start to our anything but unfamiliar trip: an MRA swap gliding 2 centimetres up our nostrils. We had just gotten...
11 min read