Travel Tiger Utility NFTs

The Travel Tiger NFTs are a collection of unique, randomly generated utility NFTs living on the Ethereum blockchain.

FLASH OFFER: Mint an NFT at a discount! Diamond and Platinum members can qualify to mint in June 2024.

Support, Win, Travel!

We’ve already given away over $250,000 in travel prizes to Smart Diamond members, including an unforgettable luxury getaway in the Maldives, all-access VIP Singapore Grand Prix experience, and a package featuring tickets to the Super Bowl LVII.

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FLASH OFFER: Exclusive Discount on NFTs

In June 2024, eligible members will have the opportunity to mint Travel Tiger NFTs at an EXCLUSIVE discount!

Get all the benefits of the Smart Diamond membership, including up to 10% back in Bitcoin or AVA on bookings, quarterly Ambassador Bonus Travel Credit rewards, entry into travel experience giveaways, airport lounge access, and much more.



  • 1Exclusive 1,000 additional Travel Tiger NFTs will be offered to Diamond and Platinum members in June 2024 by the AVA Foundation.
  • 2Diamond members will be able to mint a guaranteed 1:1 additional NFTs based on their connected NFTs & locked AVA.
  • 3Platinum members will be able to mint one NFT on a first-come, first-served basis if they meet the eligibility criteria.
  • 4The Ambassador Bonus will be increased by 100%* for all Diamond members.
  • 5Additional perks will be added for all Diamond members in the future.
  • 6Additional exclusive perks for Founders Edition holders will also be added, such as exclusive bonus travel drops and merch packs.
  • 7Minting will be available exclusively with AVA via the in-platform wallet on
  • 820% of the proceeds will be allocated to the AVA Community Pool and 80% to the AVA Foundation Reserve.


Snapshot date: Tuesday 4 June 2024 7:00AM UTC

NFT minting period: Thursday 6 June 2024 at 7:00AM UTC – Monday 10 June 2024 at 7:00AM UTC

Price per NFT: US$4,200


Whitelist period: Tuesday 11 June 2024 at 7:00AM UTC – Tuesday 18 June 2024 at 7:00AM UTC

NFT minting period: Friday 21 June 2024 at 7:00AM UTC – Friday 28 June 2024 at 7:00AM UTC

Price per NFT: US$4,900

The NFT offerings aim to expand the Smart membership base and provide additional AVA payments utility to prime the AVA ecosystem for growth.

Learn more about the eligibility criteria, key dates, and mechanics of the NFT offerings.

*The 100% increase in the Ambassador Bonus will remain active until certain milestones are reached.

Smart Diamond Benefits


Beyond being a provably rare piece of art, the ​​Travel Tiger NFT is the key to unlocking the Smart Diamond membership.

Smart Members who lockup 2,500 AVA and hold a Travel Tiger NFT can become Smart Diamond members, giving them access to a wide range of enhanced travel-oriented benefits:

Travel Drops
Automatic entry into exclusive, once-in-a-lifetime travel experience giveaways
Ambassador Bonus
Claim Travel Credit rewards every quarter by completing Contributor Tasks
AVA Smart Bonus
Get an annualised AVA bonus of 20% on your locked AVA by meeting requirements every quarter.
Airport Lounges
Access 1,300+ airport lounges across the globe, with 4 free passes annually
Concierge Access
Access to service for bookings over US$20,000 in value
AVA & BTC Givebacks
Get up to 10% back in AVA or Bitcoin on bookings after completing your trip, paid directly to your wallet.
AVA Payment
Pay the full amount of your booking with AVA and get up to an additional 3% discount on the total price
Proof of Travel
Get access to the Proof of Travel NFT program to claim stamps and badges.
Chance to participate in airdrops of early-stage token partner projects.
Earn Marriott Bonvoy Points
Earn Marriott Bonvoy points for Marriott International hotel bookings over US$1,000 via Concierge


No two Travel Tiger NFTs are the same. Using a randomly generated algorithm ensures the uniqueness of each piece. The traits vary in rarity, and include different fur colours, outfits, eyes, facial expressions, earrings, necklaces and backgrounds.
1,000 Founders Edition Travel Tiger NFTs will be minted. 900 of these will be sold during the private sale and 100 will be retained in the treasury for marketing, promotion and future funding of the program.
As grows, so too will the Smart Diamond membership in order to expand the reach of the ambassador community. Built on the core principle of decentralization, this “Support-to-earn” model will benefit by enlisting dedicated community members to help drive platform growth, which in turn will benefit ambassadors by growing the rewards pool.
Yes, the Ambassador Bonus pool contributions are fixed, and the bonus pool will be replenished quarterly as long as it is possible to do so, subject always to compliance with legal and regulatory requirements and force majeure.
To claim their share of the Ambassador Bonus rewards at the beginning of each quarter, Smart Diamond members will need to perform interactive Contributor Tasks during a specific period. There are a range of Contributor Tasks, including core tasks that guarantee the Ambassador Bonus and additional tasks that may be completed to win other prizes and incentives. Upon completion of the Contributor Tasks, Smart Diamond members will need to claim their Travel Credit rewards during the claim period.
To claim their share of the AVA Smart Bonus rewards at the beginning of each quarter, Smart Diamond members will need to either perform the same Contributor Tasks as those for the Ambassador Bonus (i.e. one set of tasks for both bonuses) or achieve a minimum spend of US$50 in AVA on the platform in the previous quarter.
If you choose to complete the AVA minimum spend requirement, any product available to purchase with AVA on will contribute to this requirement, including completed travel bookings (inclusive of flights, hotels and activities), Travel Credit purchases, or Travel Gift Card purchases.
NOTE: any travel bookings that are refunded or not yet completed by the end of the applicable quarter will NOT count towards the AVA minimum spend requirement for that quarter. Please see the AVA Smart Bonus FAQs for more information.

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