Travala Equity Crowdsale & Exclusive Round for our Community

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Recently we released some exciting news: we’re holding an Equity crowdsale which is an opportunity to own equity and earn AVA as a bonus.

It will be held on CrowdCube and will be live to the public later this year (exact launch date TBA).

We are holding a private round of the Equity crowdsale first, with an exclusive offer for the Travala community before it goes public…

Perks for the community

Investing in the equity crowdsale will be highly rewarding, for our initial backers who participated in the token sale and all current AVA holders.

  • Equity in Travala. By investing, you buy ownership of Travala Limited in the form of shares in the company.
  • Investor AVA bonus. If you invest in the private Equity crowdsale round, you get an AVA bonus proportionate to the amount you invest. At a ratio of 1 AVA per £1 contributed. (example invest £5000 get 5000 AVA)
  • AVA airdrop. If we hit our minimum fundraising target on CrowdCube which is £250,000 then all AVA holders will receive an AVA airdrop proportionate to the amount of AVA they own. (The amount of AVA that gets airdropped will depend on the amount we raise)
  • Investor perks. There are additional perks for investing in the equity crowdsale, including invitations to exclusive events, special edition Travala T-Shirts, Hoodies, Caps and a of course yearly dividends on profits made.

Why an Equity crowdsale? is now a fully operational booking platform operating globally. We’re making good progress with organic bookings both via crypto-currencies and now fiat through PayPal.

Now that the business is advancing, we must also turn our attention to mainstream marketing and proven growth strategies, which are mainly paid services required to accelerate the already increasing growth. If we aim to be a booking platform that competes with mainstream competition, then we must make this step forward.

We had initially planned to raise funds via private angel investors and venture capitalists. However, community members reached out to let us know their interest in becoming equity holders.

An Equity crowdsale is our first choice of fundraising because:

  • It is a form of fundraising which is accepted by regulators.
  • It gives our community and early backers the chance to own equity as well as AVA tokens, to hold an even more tangible stake in the company.
  • It gives people who like the project, but are not necessarily familiar with cryptocurrency, a chance to participate in Travala.
  • It is aligned with our principles of inclusivity and an opportunity for the microeconomy.
  • It will give Travala greater exposure to new audiences, growing our community of early adopters.

Additional information

  • Please complete our survey around the equity crowdfund HERE
  • Following completion of the form we will reach out to confirm your participation.
  • Please make an account on Crowdcube in preparation for the event.