Book Travel With FDUSD: The Ultimate Guide

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FDUSD is now available in the account wallet, making travelling with FDUSD on simpler, more cost effective, and the fastest way to book travel with FDUSD.

Travellers can add FDUSD to their account wallet and use their balance to seamlessly book flights, hotels and activities within seconds with no transaction fees. This is particularly useful when making multiple bookings, as it saves on transaction or withdrawal fees which would otherwise be incurred if transferring funds from external wallets or exchanges for each booking. See the step-by-step deposit guide in this article for detailed instructions on FDUSD deposits.

Travellers can use FDUSD in their account wallet on to:

  • Book flights, hotels and activities
  • Purchase Travel Credits
  • Buy Travel Gift Cards

A step-by-step guide for each of these use cases is provided in this article.

Deposits and withdrawals of FDUSD can be made via the My Wallet section of the desktop site, mobile web and the mobile app on the following networks:

  • Ethereum (ERC20)
  • BNB Smart Chain (BEP20)

Read on to discover all the ways to use FDUSD via your account wallet on!

How to Deposit FDUSD to

To transfer FDUSD to your account to use on travel bookings, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Sign up or log in to
  2. Navigate to the My Wallet page.

My Wallet Travala

3. Click on the ‘Deposit’ section.

Deposit to wallet on

4. Under ‘Select Cryptocurrency’, choose FDUSD from the dropdown list.

Select FDUSD to deposit on

5. Select the network you want to use to deposit your FDUSD.

Select FDUSD deposit network on

6. Copy the FDUSD deposit address and paste it in the ‘Send/Transfer’ address in your external wallet or the ‘Withdrawal’ address in your exchange account and initiate the transaction. Alternatively, use your wallet or exchange app to scan the QR code that appears when hovering over the QR code icon.

FDUSD Network Address

7. Once the transaction has been processed on the blockchain, your FDUSD balance will appear in the ‘Overview’ section of the My Wallet page.

FDUSD Deposit Successful

How to Book Travel With FDUSD via My Wallet

1. Sign up or log in to

2. Select a flight, hotel or activity and proceed to checkout.

3. Enter the required information for all travellers.

Guest Details Travala

4. Select ‘My Wallet’ as your payment method and click ‘Choose Cryptocurrency’.

Travel Booking My Wallet Travala

5. Select FDUSD from the dropdown menu.

Select FDUSD to Book Travel on

6. Click ‘Complete Reservation’ to finalise your booking.

Travala Complete Reservation

7. You’ll receive a booking confirmation email with your transaction details and ticket. Enjoy your trip!

How to Purchase Travel Credits With FDUSD via My Wallet

Travel Credits are credits that can be used to purchase any travel products available on Each Travel Credit has a value of exactly US$1.00, and Travel Credits that are purchased never expire. Travel Credits can be purchased with credit card, 90+ cryptocurrencies, or your account wallet balance, including with FDUSD by following the guide below!

1. Sign up or log in to

2. Navigate to My Credits.

Travel Guide Travala - My Credits

3. Select the amount of Travel Credits you’d like to purchase or enter a custom amount.

Buy Travel Credits - Select Amount

4. Select ‘My Wallet’.

Buy Travel Credits - My Wallet

5. Click ‘Choose Cryptocurrency’ and select FDUSD from the dropdown menu.

Select FDUSD to buy Travel Credits on

6. Click ‘Purchase the Credits’ to complete your Travel Credit purchase.

Purchase Travel Credits with FDUSD

How to Purchase Travel Gift Cards With FDUSD via My Wallet

Travel Gift Cards are a fantastic way to inspire your family and friends to explore the world. Perfect for any special occasion, a Travel Gift Card can be redeemed on any flight, hotel or activity on Best of all, it never expires! Purchasable with credit cards, 90+ cryptocurrencies or your account wallet balance, it’s easy to give the gift of travel with FDUSD by following the guide below!

1. Sign up or log in to

2. Navigate to Travel Gift Cards.

3. Click ‘Buy Travel Gift Cards’.

Buy Travala Travel Gift Card

4. Choose the gift card value you’d like to purchase or enter a custom amount.

Travala Travel Gift Card - Select Amount

5. Enter your contact details. If you’re sending the gift card directly as a gift to someone else, toggle the ‘Send as a gift’ button and enter the recipient’s name, email address and a customised message.

Travala Travel Gift Card - Enter Details

6. Select ‘My Wallet’.

Travala Travel Gift Card - My Wallet

7. Click ‘Choose Cryptocurrency’ and select FDUSD from the dropdown menu.

Select FDUSD to buy Travel Gift Cards on

8. Click ‘Purchase Gift Card’ to complete the payment. You’ll receive a receipt for your payment to your email address. If you opted to have the gift card emailed to you, you’ll also receive an email with the Travel Gift Card details. If you chose to send the card as a gift, the Travel Gift Card will be emailed directly to the recipient.

Complete Purchase of Travel Gift Card on Travala.com9. To redeem a Travel Gift Card on, simply head to the Redeem Gift Card and enter the gift card code.