Introducing Exclusive Airdrops for Smart Members

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Airdrop for Smart Members Banner is proud to unveil a new collaboration with the AVA Foundation to introduce exclusive airdrops of early-stage token partner projects for members of the AVA Smart Program.

This new initiative will see partnerships formed with token projects that have recently launched, providing Smart members with the ability to discover new projects and regularly participate in token airdrops.

Each airdropped token project will be fast-tracked for future listing as a payment option on, adding further utility to each token’s primary use cases.

Championing Web3 Growth

Growing the web3 ecosystem begins at the grassroots level. Having been part of this nascent industry since 2017, we’ve amassed a dedicated community and are well-positioned to elevate promising new projects in the web3 space to advance their respective communities.

We know the sheer power of community firsthand and its importance to the success of a project. Communities provide a forum for users, developers, partners, and project members to exchange ideas, gather feedback, share resources, and co-create solutions tailored to the evolving landscape of the industry.

By raising the awareness of web3 projects solving real-world problems and creating additional utility for these projects with token integrations on, the objective is to assist in growing these communities while simultaneously expanding the communities of and the AVA Foundation.

How To Participate

A Smart member’s ability to participate in each airdrop depends on their Smart membership tier. Some airdrops are exclusive to certain membership tiers, while other airdrops may be open to all Smart members.

To participate in an airdrop, members will need to:

(1) have an active Smart membership that is eligible to participate; and

(2) submit their self-custody wallet address in their account on the relevant blockchain network prior to the snapshot date.

Following the snapshot date, the airdrop will be distributed within a specified period of time (typically one week) to all members who participated.

First Token Partner Airdrop

The first token partner airdrop will be announced on Monday 8 April, with participation opening on the same day.

Keep an eye on your email inbox for the full details of the airdrop, including the snapshot date, who can participate, and who the first token partner is!

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Disclaimer: The information provided regarding airdrops does not constitute investment, financial, legal, or tax advice. You acknowledge and agree that participating in an airdrop and holding or using tokens involves significant risks, including but not limited to loss of value, regulatory scrutiny, and legal uncertainty. AVA Foundation and entities and representatives are not liable for any decisions you make based on your participation in an airdrop.



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The AVA Foundation’s overarching mission is to create a decentralised and self-sufficient blockchain-based loyalty ecosystem with AVA at its core. The AVA token functions as the key to accessing web3 loyalty programs and provides perks to end users, such as AVA payment discounts, AVA loyalty rewards, gated access benefits, and more. AVA tokenises the concept of loyalty reward programs using blockchain technology, bringing web3 to traditional loyalty models.