’s Brand Awareness & Organic Traffic Skyrocket with Global SEO Strategy

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Total Search Impressions on Google Increase by +700% YoY


Search traffic to

We continue to make significant steps in getting known globally. In this update, you will read some results achieved regarding our SEO Strategy. 


The current organic visibility of 

Organic traffic to continues to accelerate. See below some examples of our current visibility on Google:


  • is currently visible in 174 countries for keywords that are most relevant to our business like: hotel bitcoin, book hotels with bitcoin, book hotels with crypto, and more.
  • For the keyword “Book hotel with bitcoin” we rank in 18 countries in the top 3 search results while most of them rank on position 1. 
  • Talking about brand awareness, related searches and impressions increased over 300% compared to last year. 


An example of the presence in Google for the search term ‘Hotel bitcoin’:


Source: Google search for hotel bitcoin:


Below you will find search data from the Google Search Console (organic only):



  • Total organic clicks have more than doubled versus last year
  • Total search impressions in Google increased +700%
  • Growing from being visible on 3.600 keywords to 11.300 globally

Source: Google Search Console
Note: data analyzed is based on YtD results versus the same period last year


International search impressions

In the graph below search impressions for our top countries in terms of visibility are shown. While all countries have grown, our top countries increased extremely, with top increases over 1000% versus last year.




Direct traffic to (brand awareness)

In the table below you will find our direct traffic growth. While growing 110% in total, we highlighted our top-performing countries based on results. 


Country Direct traffic growth (in %)
United States +144%
United Kingdom +416%
Italy  +1240%
The Netherlands +160%
Germany +342%
Spain +943%
Poland +1820%
China +110%

The above results emphasize the natural branded growth of globally.


Social and paid traffic

In 2020 we continue to push on our social and paid channels to gain more relevant traffic to the website. Key results we want to share are: 


  • Traffic generated through social channels increased over +770%
  • Traffic generated through paid search campaigns increased over +640%


Alexa traffic rank

A good indicator of overall website popularity and web traffic is the Alexa traffic rank indicator. now ranks in the top 80,000 in global internet traffic, compared to the top 400,000 rank just 12 months ago.




Next steps

As we head into 2020, we will continue to work on our SEO strategy with constant optimisations, such as building a stronger site architecture and improving navigation to help major search engines better index our site.


At we believe that organic & direct traffic will play a critical role in our long term growth while we continue to focus on acquiring new users and retaining them on our platform.


We also hope to see further traffic growth driven by our Localisation Strategy with Vietnam being the first country later this month with local language, local payment methods, and localised marketing, among other improvements.


Going forward we will continue to plan for, design, and implement new marketing strategies to reach a broader audience and to further accelerate the current growth traction.





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