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Unlock Your FREE Smart Benefits

Connect a supported partner NFT to your account and enjoy 5% discounts on hotels and activities.
Enhance your experience with travel perks today!

About Smart Benefits

Free Smart Benefits are offered exclusively to holders of supported partner NFTs. Smart Benefits enable you to experience upsized travel discounts for a limited time completely free of charge when you connect a supported partner NFT.

To continue enjoying enhanced benefits following the campaign period, simply upgrade your Smart membership by locking up AVA.

Upgrade Membership

What You Get

Boundless Travel
Book 3,000,000+ accommodations, flights and activities with crypto or fiat
Travel Discounts
Get a discount of 5% on hotel and activity bookings made on the platform.
AVA Discount
Receive an additional 3% discount when booking entirely in AVA

Connect NFT to Activate Benefits

Activate your Smart Benefits in 3 steps.

  • step1.svg
    Sign up for a account.
  • step2.svg
    Connect Wallet
    Click Activate Benefits and connect your wallet containing a supported NFT.
  • step3.svg
    Enjoy Benefits
    Get a 5% discount on 2,500,000+ hotels and activities.


  • Who can activate the Smart Benefits?
    Anyone who connects a supported partner NFT to their account and is not an existing Smart Silver, Gold, Platinum or Diamond member can activate the free Smart Benefits. If you are an existing Smart Basic, Steel or Bronze member, the Smart Benefits will override your existing Smart membership for the duration of the campaign with the relevant partner NFT. Following the conclusion of the campaign, your original Smart membership will be reactivated automatically.
  • What NFTs are currently supported for activating the Smart Benefits?
    We’re regularly partnering with NFT projects to provide more NFT holders with the chance to enjoy Smart Benefits for a limited time. Keep an eye on our Twitter and Telegram for any campaign announcements.
  • Do I have to keep my NFT in my wallet to use the Smart Benefits?
    No. Once you’ve connected a wallet containing a partner NFT once, your Smart Benefits will remain active until the campaign concludes. The 5% discount will be automatically applied at checkout when booking hotels or activities.
  • Can I upgrade to a higher Smart membership while my Smart Benefits are active?
    Yes. If your free Smart Benefits are active, you may choose to upgrade your membership by locking the required amount of AVA for the Smart membership you wish to activate. Note that the Smart Benefits will end if you choose to activate another Smart membership.
  • What happens once the free Smart Benefits end?
    When the Smart Benefits end, your membership will automatically switch over to your membership status before the activation of the Smart Benefits, i.e. either a standard membership or your previous Smart membership level.
  • Can I use the Smart Benefits and another program at the same time?
    Smart Benefits cannot be used in conjunction with any other incentive programs.

Check Eligibility

Enter your wallet address to check if it contains a supported NFT.

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