What is XCAD Network (XCAD)?

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The XCAD Network is a global platform harnessing the power and value of content creator audiences via creator tokenization, allowing viewers to earn rewards and govern creator’s decisions via a plugin which works directly on YouTube.

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The XCAD Network mission is to revolutionise the creator economy and creator monetization through the tokenization of YouTubers.


Oliver Bell
Oliver Bell
Co Founder and CEO

Oliver has a long history in the cryptocurrency space. He began his career as CEO of Coin Wizard in January 2014, a role which he served for three years before founding his own cryptocurrency consulting company, SoleBell. He left the company in late 2019 to start XCADEMY, where he continues to act as CEO. In August 2020, he became the CEO of XCAD Network and began advising on crypto the year after.

Bernice Thomas
Bernice Thomas
Co Founder and CTO

After receiving her bachelor’s in Computer Science from Cardiff University, Bernice took on a full-stack web developer position at Motokiki. After working here for more than a year, she moved on to co-found the XCAD Network and become its CTO.

Eoghan Brereton
Eoghan Brereton
Head Of Operations

After initially joining the XCAD Network as a content and social media manager in late 2019, Eoghan was promoted to Head of Operations in January 2021, a position he holds to this day.

Guido De Vita
Guido De Vita
Director of Technology

Guido has a long history in technology, beginning his career as an engineer before later serving as Project Manager for companies like Upwork, GrowAds, and the XCAD Network. Most recently, in mid 2021 he transitioned to the XCAD Network Director of Technology.

Max Kantelia
Max Kantelia

Max is best known as a parallel and serial entrepreneur, having founded six tech companies since 2015, and advising or investing in many more. He is most notable for co-founding Zilliqa, a high-security, high-throughput public blockchain platform designed to scale to thousands of transactions per second.

To learn more about the team, read XCAD Network’s whitepaper.

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XCAD Use Cases


At Travala.com, we offer more than 3,000,000 travel products in over 230 countries available for purchase with BTC. Plus, you’ll receive a 2% giveback in AVA, Travala.com’s native cryptocurrency, on every accommodation booking.

Travala.com’s intuitive booking experience is designed to be familiar and simple to navigate. Travellers simply choose their desired travel product(s), enter their details, and select from the variety of available payment options, including traditional credit and debit cards, BTC, and 90+ other cryptocurrencies.

Govern Creator Decisions

Holders of a Creator token can vote on Creator future content, video selection, and other key decisions revolving around the Creator’s channel. This allows Creators to get real feedback & guidance from their viewers, and Viewers a unique opportunity to feel more involved and connected with the channel.

Purchase Merch and Other Services

Creator tokens can be used to purchase a variety of connection based services with the Creator, including exclusive Creator NFTs, merchandise, Social shout outs, follow backs, event tickets, exclusive content, and more.

Get Noticed

Creators can make fan loyalty tangible, and reward the top holders of their Creator token with exclusive benefits, such as NFTs, video features, merchandise, and custom rewards.

How to Pay with XCAD

Visit Travala.com and search for a hotel, home, flight, or other travel product by entering your destination and dates.

Select your desired choice from the available options.

Enter the required traveller details.

Select Crypto as your payment method, then select XCAD.

Click Complete Reservation. In your XCAD Wallet, input the generated address by scanning the provided QR code or by copying the text. Ensure that the exact XCAD amount is entered and send the payment.

Click Payment sent. Your transaction will be processed and you will receive a confirmation email once your voucher or e-ticket is available.

Buy, Sell and Trade XCAD

Exchanges where you can buy, sell and trade XCAD:

Store XCAD

Store your XCAD securely with the following wallets:

Are you an exchange or wallet provider that supports XCAD? Contact us to have your platform added to the lists above.


What is a Creator token?

A Creator token is a utility cryptocurrency token which can be bought or sold using XCAD, earnt via various different methods and used to purchase that specific Creators NFTs, Merchandise and other connection based services. Creators get one third of the supply of their Creator token, these however are vested and unlocked to the Creator as they hit performance based milestones. Each Creator token is unique to each Creator.

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