Open Passport Now Available

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Open Passport Now Available for Smart Diamond Members

We’re excited to announce that Smart Diamond members now have early access to the pilot version of the Open Passport!

Developed by Dtravel and launched in collaboration with, the Open Passport enables you to relive your trips by collecting digital NFT stamps in your blockchain-based Open Passport for every flight, stay and activity booking completed on

The Open Passport is initially being offered exclusively to Smart Diamond members for FREE on the BNB Smart Chain. Members can connect their MetaMask or WalletConnect that contains their Travel Tiger NFT to their account and the Open Passport will be sent to the connected wallet on the BNB Smart Chain once minted.

Smart Diamond members can now mint the Open Passport and redeem NFT stamps from previously completed trips. will cover the gas fees involved in minting the Open Passport and stamps during the initial release.

About Stamps

Each NFT stamp serves as your “proof of travel” for a specific booking. Stamps will be redeemable the day after a flight, hotel or activity is completed. For example, if the check-out date for a hotel is on 22nd April, the stamp will be redeemable on 23rd April.

Stamps will also be immediately redeemable retroactively for all past completed trips once members mint their Open Passport. For example, if you completed 5 bookings of any kind on in 2022, all of these trips will be instantly redeemable for stamps once the Open Passport is minted.

All stamps are untradeable and cannot be transferred to another Open Passport. While the Open Passport itself can be transferred between wallets (along with the stamps contained within it), Open Passports will not be made available for sale on NFT marketplaces.

About the Pilot Release

This is a pilot release. As part of the ongoing rollout, the Open Passport will be made available to other Smart member levels in the future. If you would like to upgrade to a Smart Diamond membership, simply lock 2,500 AVA in your account, pick up a Travel Tiger NFT from OpenSea, and activate the NFT in your account.

The capabilities of the Open Passport will continue to expand, with exciting features like customisation options, rewards for completing travel quests, limited edition stamps, and the ability to use AVA to enhance your Open Passport experience all planned to be introduced.

For more information, including step-by-step instructions on how to mint the Open Passport and FAQs, please visit:



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