AVA Token Swap Process on Travala.com Explained

1 min read

As outlined in this article, Travala.com is supporting the AVA token swap. This article details how your old AVA tokens (now stylised as “AVAOLD”) are swapped to the new AVA token on Travala.com as of 5 September 2023.

In short, the swap happens in the background. Any AVAOLD tokens on the legacy BNB Beacon Chain (BEP-2), BNB Smart Chain (BEP-20) or Ethereum network (ERC-20) that were in your platform wallet or Smart Program prior to the swap date of 28 August 2023, as well as any AVAOLD deposits on the three networks made to your platform wallet for the next 15 months following the swap date, will be swapped to the new AVA token once you log in to your Travala.com account and accept the AVA Token Swap Terms and Conditions.

The remainder of this article provides more details on how to deposit AVAOLD (BEP-2 and BEP-20) tokens to the platform wallet on Travala.com for users who have not previously made deposits to the platform.

How to Deposit AVAOLD Tokens

1. In your platform wallet, click Deposit and select AVAOLD from the dropdown menu.

2. Select the Network of the AVAOLD tokens you’ll be depositing, i.e. either the BNB Beacon Chain (BEP-2) or BNB Smart Chain (BEP-20).

3. For AVAOLD deposits on the BEP-2 protocol, a Deposit Address AND Memo are required to complete the deposit. For AVAOLD deposits on the BEP-20 protocol, only a Deposit Address is required.

4. Copy the Deposit Address (and Memo if depositing BEP-2 AVAOLD tokens) from Step 3 into the send function of your external wallet or withdrawal function of the exchange that you are transferring AVAOLD tokens from, then initiate the transfer.

5. Once your deposit has arrived into your platform wallet on Travala.com, you’ll be prompted to accept the AVA Token Upgrade Terms & Conditions.

6. After accepting these terms, all of your AVAOLD tokens in your platform wallet will be swapped to the new AVA token on the Ethereum (ERC-20) protocol.