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FAQs About Aparthotels in Estonia

What's the best place to stay in Estonia?
Tallinn, the capital city, offers a wide range of accommodations with historical charm and modern amenities.
What's the best place to stay on a budget in Estonia?
Hostels and guesthouses in Tartu are affordable options with comfortable rooms and convenient locations.
What are some family-friendly hotels in Estonia?
The Strand SPA & Conference Hotel in Pärnu and the Park Inn by Radisson Meriton Conference & Spa Hotel in Tallinn are popular choices for families.
What's the best accommodation for a romantic getaway to Estonia?
The Padaste Manor on Muhu Island offers a secluded and luxurious retreat for couples.
What's the best accommodation for an all-inclusive stay in Estonia?
The Baltic Beach Hotel & Spa in Jurmala is a top choice for an all-inclusive experience in Estonia.
Where can I find pet-friendly hotels in Estonia?
The Kreutzwald Hotel Tallinn and the Pädaste Manor are pet-friendly hotels in Estonia.
What's the best boutique hotel in Estonia?
The Schlössle Hotel in Tallinn is highly recommended for its unique charm and attentive service.
What's the best spa hotel in Estonia?
The Hedon Spa & Hotel in Pärnu offers a luxurious spa experience with beautiful views of the sea.
What hotels in Estonia have nice views?
The Swissotel Tallinn, the Radisson Blu Sky Hotel Tallinn, and the Hotel Telegraaf offer stunning views of the cityscape.
Do hotels in Estonia offer airport transportation services?
Yes, many hotels in Estonia provide airport transportation services for the convenience of their guests.

Discovering Estonia's Coastal Charm and Urban Wonders

Discover what to do and what to see in Estonia

Discover the allure of Estonia as you embark on a remarkable journey through its enchanting destinations. Immerse yourself in the rich history and vibrant culture of this Baltic gem, as you explore its captivating landmarks and hidden treasures. In the heart of Estonia's capital, Tallinn, lies a fusion of medieval charm and modern sophistication. Lose yourself in the winding cobblestone streets of the Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, adorned with majestic towers, colorful merchant houses, and ancient churches. Visit the iconic Toompea Castle, proudly perched atop a limestone hill, offering panoramic views of the city. Indulge in the local cuisine at quaint cafes and restaurants, or lose track of time in the bustling craft markets. Journey to the picturesque lakeside town of Tartu, known as the intellectual center of Estonia. Unleash your inner scholar at the prestigious University of Tartu, founded in 1632, or wander through the charming Old Town, adorned with beautifully preserved 18th-century buildings. Discover the architectural marvels of Tartu Cathedral and St. John's Church, before unwinding by the tranquil Emajõgi River. Escape to the lush island of Saaremaa, a haven of relaxation and natural beauty. Immerse yourself in the serenity of its pristine beaches, surrounded by stunning cliffs and enchanting forests. Explore the medieval marvel, Kuressaare Castle, the jewel of Saaremaa's crown. Uncover the island's ancient heritage at the Kaali Meteorite Crater, one of the most well-preserved meteorite craters in the world. When it comes to payment options, offers utmost convenience. Book your Estonian getaway with ease using credit cards, debit cards, or even cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. With secure and hassle-free transactions, your travel plans become even more accessible. Let the allure of Estonia capture your heart and ignite your wanderlust. Experience the charm of Tallinn, the intellectual vibrancy of Tartu, and the serenity of Saaremaa. Embark on your Estonian adventure and create memories that will last a lifetime.

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