Partners with ARPA Chain to Integrate ARPA

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ARPA token holders will soon be able to book over 3,000,000 travel products in 230+ countries, boosting ARPA adoption

Los Angeles, November 11th, 2021 ––, the world’s leading cryptocurrency-friendly online travel agency, and ARPA Chain, the high-performance and high-security blockchain platform, today announced a strategic partnership to integrate ARPA Chain’s ARPA token on the travel website’s platform. 

The integration will enable ARPA token holders to book over 2.2 million hotels and homes, 600+ airlines, and 40,000+ activities in more than 230 countries. This utility propels ARPA’s mission forward, expanding the token’s use cases and capturing further value through new applications of the token’s unique technology, which in return will benefit users and platforms like with private but transparent, comprehensive, accurate and secure data services.

Through the partnership, holders of ARPA will be able to participate in a cheaper, fairer, and more inclusive travel economy alongside leading cryptocurrency assets like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and’s native AVA token. Additionally, ARPA Chain will be using’s corporate account services for the company’s internal travel requirements. 

With savings of up to 40% available on (when compared with other online travel agencies), a total of over 3,000,000 travel products will soon be at the fingertips of ARPA token holders worldwide, increasing the exposure of ARPA Chain’s ecosystem to an ever-expanding user base. 

Felix Xu, Co-founder & CEO at  ARPA Chain, said: “It’s thrilling that ARPA holders can now enjoy happy moments and have wonderful memories with family and friends on the trips booked with ARPA token on Travala. The partnership is a milestone of ARPA’s unremitting pursuit of further expanding the token use cases. Together, I believe we both are one notable step closer to mass adoption of crypto.”

Commenting on the partnership, Juan Otero, CEO, saidIn continuing our commitment towards mass cryptocurrency adoption, we’re very excited to partner with ARPA Chain to champion the growth of the crypto community and to bring a new use case to ARPA. The team impressed me with their vision for their business, and I have no doubt that we will see them making waves in the crypto community.”



Founded in 2017, is the leading cryptocurrency-friendly travel booking service with 2,200,000+ properties, 400,000+ activities in 230 countries, and 600 airlines globally. is a champion of cryptocurrency adoption, accepting over 80 leading cryptocurrencies along with traditional payment methods. In addition to unbeatable prices via its Best Price Guarantee, Smart members on can also enjoy additional discounts and loyalty rewards for eligible bookings made on the platform. For more information about, visit:

About ARPA Chain 

ARPA is a blockchain-based solution for privacy-preserving computation, enabled by Multi-Party Computation (“MPC”). Founded in April 2018, the goal of ARPA is to separate data utility from ownership and enable data renting. ARPA’s MPC protocol creates ways for multiple entities to collaboratively analyze data and extract data synergies while keeping each party’s data input private and secure. ARPA allows secret sharing of private data, and the correctness of computation is verifiable using the information-theoretic Message Authentication Code (MAC).

Developers can build privacy-preserving dApps on blockchains compatible with ARPA. Some immediate use cases include: credit anti-fraud, secure data wallet, precision marketing, joint AI model training, key management systems, etc. For example, banks using the ARPA network can share their credit blacklist for risk management purposes without exposing their customer data or privacy.

Team members have worked at leading institutions such as Google, Amazon, Huawei, Fosun, Tsinghua University, Fidelity Investments. ARPA is currently assisting the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology in setting the national standard for secure multi-party computation. ARPA is a corporate member of MPC Alliance and IEEE and is in partnership with fortune 500 companies to implement proofs-of-concept and MPC products. In 2019, ARPA was named the Top 10 most innovative blockchain companies in China by China Enterprise News and China Software Industry Association.

For more information about ARPA, please contact at [email protected].

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