Monthly Report: December 2019

2 min read Reaches Another Major Milestone with 1,500+ Room Nights Booked and Monthly Revenue Growing Yet Again Over 33% Month-on-Month.



Below is our monthly report for December 2019;


Overall booking revenue for the month of December was up by over 33.5% month-on-month.


The total number of room nights booked was 1,528, which is an increase of 15.2% compared to November.


Over 9% of all bookings in December were paid in the native AVA token, making it the second preferred crypto payment option behind BTC at 28%.


Top 7 visitors by country were;

  1. Unites States
  2. United Kingdom
  3. Italy
  4. Germany
  5. France
  6. Poland
  7. Australia


Top 7 countries book were;

  1. Thailand
  2. Cambodia
  3. United States
  4. Australia
  5. Italy
  6. Vietnam
  7. France metrics;


Over 60% of the total bookings in December were paid with cryptocurrencies. Here is the breakdown of the payment methods:

As of the 31st December 2019, we have 550 SMART members in total. Smart Level members details are as follows:

  • Level 5 – 407
  • Level 4 – 31
  • Level 3 – 36
  • Level 2 – 36
  • Level 1 – 40

A total of 2,305,000 AVA are locked within our SMART program which represents 6.11% of the circulating supply of AVA.


Token Swap of AVA (NEP 5) to AVA (BEP 2)



  • Token swap on a 1:1 ratio on the Changenow platform working succesfully
  • Token swap on a 1:1 ratio within the completed successfully
  • Token Swap on a 1:1 ratio on Kucoin Exchange completed successfully
  • Token Swap on a 1:1 ratio on Bitmart Exchange completed successfully
  • Token Swap on a 1:1 ratio on Coinall Exchange completed successfully


Now is the time to swap your AVA (Nep) tokens over to the AVA (Bep2) tokens. Full details on how to do it here:


Onchain Transactions within the Platform

The platform now operates with AVA (Bep2) and all transactions involving AVA are performed onchain.

In our efforts to be transparent and increase blockchain usage with the platfrom here are the new wallets and the current functions they perform.


User Wallet – bnb1g4wdwdj0x9gcggluxq6hrxgm4rw4evxjv3h6yw

  • Receives user deposits from external wallets
  • Sends AVA booking payments to company wallet
  • Sends smart program lockup to Smart Wallet
  • Sends user withdrawals to external wallets


Smart Wallet – bnb1ujj2knlj7grqlm74vdf4kd7wl7lk6ugtgjewck

  • Receives Smart program lockup from user wallet
  • Sends smart program unlock to user wallet


Company Wallet – bnb1ae5k4xhqdgsehkj8546nm2daatlcul4rravvd6

  • Receives AVA booking payments from user wallet
  • Sends standard giveback to user wallet
  • Sends smart loyalty to user wallet
  • Sends invite referrals to user wallet
  • Sends best price refunds to user wallet
  • Sends swapped AVA (Bep2) to user wallet
  • Receives listing fees for new coins added


Yellow Capital Invests in Blockchain-based Hotel Booking Platform has announced an investment from Yellow Capital Fund, the investment arm of leading Blockchain Incubator Yellow. Aimed at propelling real-world use-cases, the Yellow Capital investment will assist in the international expansion of See the full PR here Team up with Gemini to add the Gemini Dollar

Championing the freedom of crypto beyond borders, integrates GUSD to Accept Payments in its First Major Stablecoin, the Gemini Dollar. See the full PR here 



INVITE people to join and be rewarded. For every person you invite that completes a booking of US $100 or more you will both receive US $50 worth of AVA rewards.

Where to buy AVA:
Should you wish to purchase the AVA token, you can do so from: