Mid-Month Report: February 2020

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1,100+ Room Nights Booked in first 14 days of February and 10% of the AVA token now locked within our Smart Program


As of the 14th February 2020, we have reached 1,134 room nights booked with an average room night price is $141.




Top 7 visitors by country were;

  1. United States
  2. United Kingdom
  3. India
  4. Poland
  5. Italy
  6. Australia
  7. Germany


Top 7 countries booked were;

  1. United States
  2. United Kingdom
  3. Thailand
  4. Spain
  5. Germany
  6. Morocco
  7. United Arab Emirates



Smart Program Update

As of the 14th February 2020, we have 902 SMART members in total. Smart level details are as follows:


  • Level 5 – 634
  • Level 4 – 67
  • Level 3 – 44
  • Level 2 – 81
  • Level 1 – 76


A total of 3,667,00 AVA are locked within our SMART program which represents 10% of the circulating supply which is now 36,672,304 AVA.


You can see the Smart Lockup wallet here on the Binance Chain.


On 7th February 2020, we distributed our first Smart Staking Bonus rewards.


This entitles Smart members to AVA rewards on a monthly basis. The Smart bonus rewards will be calculated at the beginning of every month and will be paid directly to your platform wallet. Earn up to 18% per annum on your AVA with’s Smart Bonus Rewards.


Here are the Smart bonus rewards per Smart program membership tier;



For more information about our Smart Program, you can visit HERE 



Updates on the development of the platform:


Continuous development has been made behind the scenes and we look forward to release updates for the following features in the second half of February 2020:


  • Filters Optimisation – Filters will be significantly improved, allowing users to find their perfect hotel selections
  • New Travel Suppliers – Onboarding new high profile travel partner to provide the best and prices
  • Loading Speeds – Improving loading speeds to optimize UX and conversion rates
  • Mobile Apps v 1.0 – Launching the first versions of our native mobile apps built on React Native. Available on both iOS and Android
  • SEO Optimisation – Stronger site architecture and improving navigation to help major search engines index our site
  • Business Accounts – Improvements made to our business and corporate level accounts, giving our partners all the tools they expect
  • AVA Partial Payments – Allowing our users to pay partially with AVA will increase the utility of AVA and also the number of bookings
  • Payment Methods – New payment methods ranging from crypto payments to localised payment options.



AMA Series with Juan Otero – Co Founder and CSO of


On 6th February, 2020 we shared an hour of our time with the Ajoobz telegram channel to have an Ask Me Anything session. Here is the recap of the questions & answers. Read the full AMA here





Our next AMA will be live on the Binance Dex telegram group at 11 AM (SGT), Monday 17th February, 2020. $3,500 worth of AVA tokens to be airdropped to AMA participants after the event.

 Partners with The Conference Exchanges in Amsterdam, the leading crypto-friendly hotel booking platform will be the Official Travel Partner for the Conference Exchanges in Amsterdam on March 05, 2020. Read more details HERE 







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Where can I buy AVA tokens?

Should you wish to purchase AVA tokens, you can do so from:


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