Appoints Ben Rogers as Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

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CMO Ben joins with nearly a decade of marketing experience at giants like Google and Flight Centre



London, United Kingdom –– Friday 22nd May, 2020 — appoints Ben Rogers as it’s new Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). Ben will help the company take its next steps towards becoming a household name in the travel space and further promote the use cases of the AVA token. 


Ben is a veteran of the startup, tech and travel industries. He plays the game at the highest level with Google as his first employer out of university, where he fell in love with technology and sharpened his sales tools. Since then, he has grown into a world-class marketer in the travel community where he has worked across most areas of marketing and product management. Including big branded hotel chains and global travel giants Flight Centre and Cover-More. In January, he joined as their CMO where he certainly proved himself. In this short time (which included COVID) web traffic doubled against the entire prior year, and user registrations skyrocketed 300% on a standard month. 


Juan Otero, CEO, said;  “Like Mr. Jobs, I  believe that you hire smart people to tell you what to do and not the way around. Ben will join the leadership team at and be given a voice in making the right decisions for our company. From the first conversation I had with Ben, I knew this guy was a tactical genius. Where most marketers I’ve met repeat processes like playing checkers, Ben goes deeper, turning the game into three-dimensional chess. He has the right background we need to lead our brand vision. He is incredibly technical and well-read. He has a great sense of humour and will be a great mentor to our existing team. Can’t wait to see what we will achieve together”.


Ben Rogers, CMO, said; “I see as a platform anyone looking to travel should consider and it is for that reason I will always be pushing for what is in the best interest of our users. Decisions need to be data-driven, and marketing communication must be personalised. If we are showing ads, it will be for a good reason in the user’s favour. I think a good marketing strategy is never complacent, earns the loyalty of users and shouldn’t take itself too seriously.’s native cryptocurrency, AVA, is helping users to travel more, and I think is our secret weapon in the battle for online travellers. The team has blown me away with how well they execute with a great culture that crosses continents. After getting to know the team, I am confident we can get the job done.”


Ben joining also means the marketing and sales stack he was building with TravelbyBit will be coming across, which includes Salesforce and Marketing Cloud. and AVA will now have the full arsenal used by major OTAs. 




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