The Governance feature is live!

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We’d like to first take the chance to thank you all for your on-going support, you are the key reasons for our success.

As we continue to strive toward new heights, we realise that we need to continue to adapt and reinforce the tokenenomics and utility of the AVA token. We have introduced the “Community Pool”. Each month, 30% of all net revenues from will be converted to AVA and added to the Community Pool and be used for successful proposals voted on by the community. More information here



Proposal #1 – Develop and launch Travel NFTs

This proposal would grant to a firm to co-produce an NFT strategy paper, technical specifications, UI/UX mockups and develop an NFT program alongside core team members.

With the convergence of mainstream awareness and adoption of NFTs with the extensibility of what NFT ownership can now allow, it’s an exciting time to launch an NFT program. The possibilities of what NFTs can do, now and in the future, means that can be creative about how we use them and build to promote the value of being both a user and AVA holder.

Some companies have launched travel experiences via NFTs, and even well-known travel brands like Rimowa have tried their hand at digital collectibles. However, none have launched an NFT program as ambitious as the one outlined in this proposal.

If the grant is approved, will make an explosive entry into the NFT space. In doing so, we will drive value back to loyal users of and AVA token holders.


On the Governance page, you can learn more about each proposal and then vote in favour of or against. Your votes are allocated in proportion to your applicable Smart Level, with SMART Level 1 members receiving one vote and SMART Level 5 members receiving five votes.