Travala Monthly Roundup: January 2019

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We have started the first month of 2019 with important partnerships and platform developments. Below is the sum up of what has been done in January 2019.

1. In January we saw a total of 73 bookings which represents an increase of 265% from December – 2018.

Total room nights booked during January were 136 which is a 148% increase compared to December.

Top destinations booked were USA, Italy, Thailand, Spain, UAE, Greece, Belgium, Malaysia, Australia, Denmark, Netherlands, Singapore, Sweden and the Philippines.

Platform figures for the previous 3 months.

Month and year November – 2018 December – 2018 January – 2019
Number of bookings 4 20 73
Number of room nights 11 55 136
Average booking value $278 $628 $523
Total register users 219 1,728 2,160
Number of page views 7,991 27,061 27,031

2. Partnership with leading China based supplier – Dida Travel to strengthen our presence in the worlds most populated country. See details of the partnership HERE .




3. Partnership with a world leader in online travel and related services – Emerging Travel Group.  See details of the partnership HERE.




4. We released the platform update on the 10th January with the integration of the Travala wallet which is used for booking payments using AVA and the giveback and referral programs in the near future. Google 2 Factor Authentication was also added for enhanced user security. We have written an article explaining how the wallet works HERE .



5. Preparation for series A investment and crowdfunding campaign for the community to accelerate the growth of the business.

You can find out more details about this campaign with our INSIGHTS POST or complete THIS SURVEY in order to help us understand the volume of interest. Additionally you can possibly be featured in our crowdfunding pitch video and receive some rewards by participating in our competition HERE



6. We released the second update within the month on the 31st January where we introduced fiat payments to the platform with the options to:

– Pay for the bookings using your PayPal account.
– Pay for bookings using Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discovery




– We have also developed our built in crypto payment gateway – 6 coins supported starting with BTC, LTC, ETH, BCH, TRX, NANO for a better booking experience and check-out process.



– Currency selector of 7 traditional currencies and 7 cryptocurrencies.



– UI/UX update with an addition of “Taxes Included” in Search page, Property page and check-out page which means the price you see is exactly what you pay, no hidden fees or tax.



– Check-out page updates with addition of a clear breakdown of Room Type, Meal Type, Price per night, Booking Price and Total price inline for when we implement special discounts and promotions



– Updated the booking confirmation email template with more useful information to make it easier for check-in steps at the property.


Screen Shot 2019-01-31 at 2.56.41 PM



7. Research and development of referral and giveback programs are completed and we are continuing to push forward with our Q1 roadmap for 2019 which you can find full details on this post Roadmap for Q1 2019

Where can I buy AVA tokens?

Switcheo Exchange (Buy AVA using NEO)

Kucoin Exchange (Buy AVA using BTC, USDT or ETH)