Pay Bills with AVA at Australia’s Largest Crypto Gateway

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Pay any Australian bill with AVA – electricity bills, car registration, mobile phone, credit card, school fees, rent or even a bank account!



Crypto adoption doesn’t get more real than this! is very excited to share that AVA is now live as a payment method on Living Room of Satoshi, a popular Australian website that allows the use of the world’s top cryptocurrencies to pay everyday bills. Living Room of Satoshi and TravelbyBit have worked together for several years and now that and Travelbybit have merged (first reported in Cointelegraph), the addition of AVA is just one of many new use cases our holders can look forward to as we further develop the AVA ecosystem. 


Juan Otero, CEO, says “Every day we are looking for ways to give AVA more utility and build meaningful partnerships with organisations that can help us advance the use cases for the AVA token. We are honoured that LROS were eager to see AVA added to their platform. It puts AVA besides leading cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB, and Litecoin. A teaser of what’s to come for AVA.”


Cryptocurrency is no longer a flash-in-the-pan craze that exploded on the internet where only the most tech-savvy people could harness it’s potential. It is more accessible than ever to the average person, and now anyone can use their AVA tokens to pay for something as mundane as an electricity bill.


You can use AVA to pay any credit card or BPay bill within Australia with more countries to come. While many AVA users are holding on for the longer term, it’s good to know that your coins are there for when you need them to help in everyday life. 


Pay any Australian bill with AVA in three easy steps.

  1. Select Pay with AVA (Travala) from the drop-down menu
  2. Select if you are paying a bill, a credit card or a bank account
  3. Enter the billing details, BPay reference and the amount and select submit and you will get a confirmation code. It is that easy.



Founded in 2017, is the leading cryptocurrency-friendly travel booking service with 2,000,000+ properties in 230 countries and 600 airlines globally. Backed by industry-giant Binance, is a champion of cryptocurrency adoption, accepting over 28 leading cryptocurrencies in addition to traditional payment methods. The value proposition is bolstered by AVA. As the native cryptocurrency of the platform, AVA can be used for payments, receiving loyalty rewards, discounts and bonuses, among several other use cases. For more information, visit


About Living Room of Satoshi
Living Room of Satoshi is a secure and straightforward way to use cryptocurrency to pay your everyday Australian bills. Established in 2014, they have proved over and over again that anyone can make fast and reliable payments to bills ranging from electricity, car registration, mobile phone, credit card, or even a bank account. Their industry-leading professional team works under their own Australian Financial Services Licence. For more information, visit



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