The next bitcoin city- Miami

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Miami is undergoing a rapid transformation from a tourist hotspot famous for its beaches into a new tech hub.

A new wave of neon with the bitcoin movement initiated by Miami’s Mayor Francis Suarez showed a clear interest in transforming Miami as the next crypto city. Crypto adoption is spreading like wildfire amongst the businesses in the city, and a number of events are bringing bitcoin into the spotlight. Don’t blink; otherwise, you will miss the wheels of progress in action or, better yet, visit the city and experience it for yourself.

So, how is Miami adopting Bitcoin?

The Miami Mayor is pushing bitcoin adoption.

Bitcoin has gained an unconventional supporter with the Miami mayor, Francis Suarez, advocating for bitcoin adoption. The mayor has proposed paying municipal workers and collecting taxes in Bitcoin. Under the current proposal, Suarez seeks to support and promote cryptocurrency use in his city. The mayor has also stated that the Miami treasury will be diversifying its funds to include bitcoin as an investment. The mayor would like to enable the workers of the city of Miami to receive all or a portion of their pay in Bitcoin, depending on their preference. The mayor has embraced innovation as he hopes the change will turn the city into a tech hub as Silicon Valley venture capitalists flock to the capital. The commission agrees to study the practicality of the proposal but has yet to finalize plans to make it a reality.


Bitcoin Night club in Miami is already a reality.

Lose your wallet in the nightclub again? This may become a thing of the past; with the recent bitcoin price on the rise, a night club based in Miami called E11even has started accepting bitcoin as a form of payment. It will be the first major nightclub in the United States to adopt bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The club is partnering with a cryptocurrency processing company, which accepts cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ripple, Dogecoin and more. 

Or maybe with the current price of bitcoin, you’re looking to spend your well-earned investment; in that case, look no further than the Treehouse nightclub. The seller for a stand-alone single-story 4,322-square-foot structure on an 8,890-square-foot lot with indoor and outdoor areas is currently accepting offers in fiat, finance offers, etc. bitcoin. If the transaction is completed, it will be visible on the public ledger accessible to be viewed by anyone.

Miami Lobbyist accepting Bitcoin

Mayor Suarez’s campaign is also giving local businesses confidence to start accepting Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Gazitua Letelier, a lobbying and law firm in Miami, is one of them.

The Miami lobbyist firm specialises in procurement, with clients from venture capitalist firms, technology firms and tech entrepreneurs seeking their expertise. Now, they can pay bitcoin for Gazitua Letelier’s services if they have any issues when setting up Tech businesses in Miami.

Bitcoin 2021 Conference Miami

The Bitcoin 2021 Conference is relocating from Los Angeles to Miami on the 4-5th June 2021. This is one of the biggest tech-focused conferences that gather thousands of bitcoiners worldwide. This year, the conference is selling a whale pass that grants unrestricted access to its holders and an exclusive invite to its whale day on 3 June. The whale day allows participants to connect with speakers, sponsors and the industry’s biggest influencers. The speakers include Jack Dorsey, Chamath Palihapitiya, Nick Szabo and Tony Hawk and many more as key speakers.

Bitcoin 2021 is bringing the brightest minds to Miami, boosting the local economy and pushing the boundaries of tech in the modern era. The event host, Bitcoin magazine, is still working closely with the Mayor of Miami due to covid concerns. Still, one thing we know for sure is Mayor Suarez would surely be welcoming the community with open arms.

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You won’t want to miss out on being a part of history in the making. The city of Miami is undergoing a unique transformation through the adoption of bitcoin in a number of different areas. Locals and businesses are becoming increasingly aware of cryptocurrency, and with their overwhelming support, it’s anticipated that Miami will become the new Bitcoin utopia.

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