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Travala Hotel Spotlight Andaz Hotels (November 2023)

As a distinctive collection within the Hyatt portfolio, Andaz Hotels redefine the traditional hotel experience, infusing local charm with the self-expression of every traveller, making each stay as unique as you. From sanctuaries close to all the action in urban centres to serene coastal retreats, Andaz properties invite you to immerse yourself in an environment where every moment is an opportunity to connect with the place and yourself.

Andaz, meaning “personal style” in Hindi, captures the essence of each of the 30 hotels currently in the collection. Each Andaz property reflects the cultural richness of its surroundings, embracing a design philosophy that celebrates the distinctiveness of the destination. Not only does the brand provide unparalleled comfort and service, but Andaz properties also curate an atmosphere that encourages guests to explore and engage with the local culture.

Whether you seek the skyline sophistication of a city stay or the tranquil escape of a retreat in nature, Andaz Hotels promise an experience where every stay is as special as the destination itself. Find your next getaway with these 10 featured Andaz Hotels available on!

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Andaz by Hyatt Palm Jumeirah

📍 Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Pool at Andaz by Hyatt Palm Jumeirah in Dubai

Spectacular Views & Exclusive Comfort at Seaside Gem

Nestled on the iconic Palm Jumeirah, the Andaz by Hyatt Palm Jumeirah beckons discerning travellers to a haven of contemporary luxury. With a perfect blend of modern design and Arabian elegance, this beachfront retreat offers panoramic views of the Arabian Gulf and Dubai’s dazzling skyline. Immerse yourself in the personalised service and cultural immersion that Andaz is renowned for as you discover a destination where every detail reflects the vibrant spirit of Dubai.

Andaz 5th Avenue

📍 New York, USA

Rooftop Views of NYC Skyline From Andaz 5th Avenue

Central Park Chic: Artful Ambiance on Fifth Avenue

Discover an urban oasis at Andaz 5th Avenue that harnesses the exhilirating energy of New York City. Situated in the heart of Manhattan, this boutique hotel offers a sophisticated escape with its sleek design and artful touches. Enjoy top service, rooftop views of the iconic skyline, and seamless access to cultural landmarks, making Andaz 5th Avenue a stylish retreat for those seeking the quintessential NYC experience.

Andaz London Liverpool Street

📍 London, United Kingdom

Exterior of Andaz London Liverpool Street

Victorian Charm Meets Modern Comfort

Immerse yourself in the vibrant tapestry of London’s East End at Andaz London Liverpool Street. This iconic hotel seamlessly blends historic charm with contemporary elegance, offering a distinctive stay in the heart of the city. With attentive service, locally inspired design, and proximity to attractions, this hotel has everything you need to create a stay you’ll never forget.

Andaz Singapore

📍 Singapore

Rooftop Pool at Andaz Singapore

Panoramic Paradise: Your Singapore Sanctuary

Andaz Singapore is a modern sanctuary in the heart of the city, a sleek urban retreat that offers not only panoramic views of the city skyline but also an immersive experience with its artistic ambiance and professional service. With its central location near popular attractions, Andaz Singapore provides the perfect blend of luxury and accessibility for an exciting stay in this dynamic city.

Andaz Amsterdam Prinsengracht

📍 Amsterdam, Netherlands

Sunset Rooftop Views at Andaz Amsterdam Prinsengracht

Canal Couture: Waterside Elegance in Stylish Hideaway

Immerse yourself in the enchanting ambiance of Andaz Amsterdam Prinsengracht, where the historic charm of Amsterdam meets contemporary elegance. Situated along the picturesque canal, this boutique hotel offers a distinctive blend of Dutch design and cultural flair. With locally inspired art and within walking (or biking!) distance to the city’s cultural gems, Andaz Amsterdam Prinsengracht provides a captivating stay.

Andaz West Hollywood

📍 Los Angeles, USA

Rooftop Pool at Night at Andaz West Hollywood

Hollywood History with Sunset Boulevard Style

Elevate your experience in the City of Angels with Andaz West Hollywood, where the glamour of the Sunset Strip converges with contemporary luxury. With its rock ‘n’ roll spirit and iconic rooftop views, this hotel offers a stylish retreat amidst the energy of Los Angeles. Enjoy seamless access to entertainment venues before retiring to your sleek room in the evening, making Andaz West Hollywood the perfect destination for those seeking a chic and dynamic stay in the heart of LA.

Andaz Mexico City Condesa

📍 Mexico City, Mexico

Restaurant at Andaz Mexico City Condesa

A Colourful Immersion in Mexico’s Vibrant Spirit

In the heart of Mexico City lies Andaz Mexico City Condesa, a place of charm and luxury. This boutique hotel captivates guests with its fusion of contemporary design and local culture, offering an authentic Mexican experience. With its central location, personalised services, and artistic ambiance, Andaz Mexico City Condesa provides an ideal haven for exploring the rich tapestry of this dynamic metropolis.

Andaz Tokyo Toranomon Hills

📍 Tokyo, Japan

Hotel Restaurant at Andaz Tokyo Toranomon Hills

Skyline Splendour & City Zen in Urban Tranquility

A stay at Andaz Tokyo Toranomon Hills is a luxurious urban retreat where Japanese hospitality shines through. Situated in the heart of the city, this hotel offers breathtaking views of Tokyo’s skyline from its elevated location. The contemporary sophistication and cultural fusion make Andaz Tokyo Toranomon Hills a standout destination, one that will live long in the memory of any traveller.

Andaz Bali

📍 Bali, Indonesia

Tropical Pool at Andaz Bali a Concept by Hyatt

Tradition & Modern Serenity Combine in Luxurious Stay

Nestled along the pristine shores of the island, Andaz Bali invites travellers to a haven of contemporary luxury surrounded by lush landscapes. This beachfront retreat seamlessly integrates traditional Balinese aesthetics with modern design, offering a harmonious blend of tranquility and sophistication that makes Andaz Bali the perfect escape for those seeking a refined and culturally rich experience on the Island of the Gods.

Andaz Prague

📍 Prague, Czech Republic

Room at Andaz Prague

Bohemian Flair, Old Town Style & Historic Elegance

Discover Andaz Prague, an exquisite blend of historical charm and modern flair nestled in the heart of the Czech capital. This boutique hotel captures the essence of Prague’s rich heritage with its meticulously designed interiors, offering a captivating experience that harmonises past and present. With a prime location near iconic landmarks and a rooftop terrace boasting panoramic views, Andaz Prague promises an immersive stay in this enchanting European city.